COZZCORP PROJECTS is a construction company, founded by Frank Cozzupoli almost 20 years ago, that has forged a superlative reputation throughout the industry for designing and building innovative, high quality developments.

“The cornerstone of our success is the agile culture that enables us to respond quickly and skillfully to change”

Founded by Frank Cozzupoli almost 20 years ago, Cozzcorp Projects has built its reputation by consistently pushing the envelope and delivering innovative, future-focused commercial, industrial and residential developments.

Having carved out a culture built on collaboration and inspired by entrepreneurial thinking, we're always searching for smarter and more efficient ways to deliver productive outcomes for you.

Using a holistic approach to project management, we've created a network of industry experts including builders, draftspersons, engineers, town planners, developers, state & local government departments, maintenance contractors, land surveyors and energy raters. Our far-reaching, forward-thinking approach provides you with a turn key solution, taking your project from concept to creation and translating your plans into premises.

Through a strategic alliance with the iDraft Group, we're able to streamline our approach to each project by providing seamless access to a team of 20 qualified architects and building designers. This inclusive process offers you a flawless approach to design, cost, schedule and construction and allows us to realise a balance of function and aesthetic.

At Cozzcorp, we build things differently; including our relationships. Having developed an agile and responsive culture, we act quickly to meet your individual needs and establish a customised solution which we clearly communicate throughout each stage of your project. Fortified by a committed team of full-time, qualified trade contractors and a 24/7 emergency maintenance service, we're continually striving to exceed your expectations.
Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver quality outcomes through our extensive knowledge, technical excellence and forward-thinking, innovative approach. Across every project, our commitment to excellence has you covered from formwork to fit out.

Our driving force is to deliver cost-effective solutions to project challenges while maintaining our commitment to the environment, health and safety.

Values: What we live by

The success of every Cozzcorp project is shaped by our values; inspired by integrity and fuelled by fairness.


At Cozzcorp, safety isn’t a maybe, it’s a must. We empower through education and nurture our dedication to a zero accident culture.


We go over and above to execute your vision; that’s our point of difference. At the heart of each project is you and our ability to succeed relies on our ability to translate your imagination.


We’re more than just words on the wall. We don’t aim to be the biggest, we aim to be the best.


We don’t just think differently, we think ahead to arrive at a tailored, tenable solution.


We don’t act hastily, we act swiftly, with intent. The difference is quality.

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