Civil Works

Cozzcorp Projects has the ability to carry out all civil works from excavation, formwork to concreting from residential driveways to commercial car parks, industrial hardstands / loading dock and warehouse floors.

From hardstands to hoardings, Cozzcorp Projects have the experience to carry out all forms of civil works. Over a period of 20 years, we’ve honed our knowledge across a wide range of civil works projects including excavation, formwork, residential and commercial concreting, industrial hardstands, loading dock and warehouse floors.

Our project management goes beyond the groundwork by providing all types of hoarding classes including arranging statutory approvals for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Our civil works include:-

  • Driveways
  • Carparks
  • Loading Docks
  • Hardstands
  • Warehouse concrete slabs
  • Grinding and epoxy floors
  • Polished concreting
  • Joints
  • Bolt Removal
20 Years Experience

For over 20 years, Cozzcorp Projects have built its reputation by consistently realising highly innovative single and multi-unit residential, commercial, retail and industrial construction projects.

Our strategic alliance with iDraft Group means we’re able to simplify our approach to project management and provide you with instant access to a team of qualified architects and building designers. This cost effective, seamless approach forms part of our leading edge which helps us take your project from concept to completion.

Value for Money

Value is about more than money. We add value with our extensive experience in navigating complex construction projects of all shapes and sizes. Our flexibility allows us to tailor our solutions to suit the individual needs of each client in order to give you more for less.

On Time & On Budget

For Cozzcorp Projects, a true measure of our success lies in our ability to adhere to time and budget. Our experienced and integrated approach to project management allows us to deliver on time. Time and time again.


At Cozzcorp Projects, we believe people make the difference. For us, our relationships are our biggest asset, which is why we encourage effortless communication between our in-house staff and our highly skilled team of vetted subcontractors.

Safety First

On all our projects, safety is always the rule – never the exception. In our experience, safety is not a ‘set and forget’ scenario, it’s about making it a priority and building it into your company culture. At Cozzcorp Projects, safety isn’t a maybe, it’s a must.

Cozzcorp Projects Safety Hub

The Cozzcorp Group ‘Safety Hub’ showcases our commitment to creating a zero accident culture. The ‘Safety Hub’ is a 10 foot container which we use on our construction sites to improve awareness and help foster safer, more responsible worksites.

The Cozzcorp ‘Safety Hub’ will be fitted with:-

  • OH & S safety signs
  • Safety Vests, Hard Hats and Goggles for those who come to site without proper equipment
  • First Aid Kit and HIA incident register
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Cozzcorp Projects sign-in register book
  • Work bench and desk which can be used as our site office

We’re hoping that our innovative approach to workplace health and safety will pave the way for better awareness and risk mitigation. In turn, this will assist in driving the message that safety is always the rule and never the exception.

Cozzcorp Project’s aim is to build a stronger partnership with Goodman in managing health and safety, and this is our first step in better working together. We’re proud to support and be part of the ‘safety+real partnership charter’ created by Goodman.

We invite you to inspect our ‘safety hub’ on your next visit to one of our work places so you can be assured that ‘safety isn’t something you do, it’s a state of mind.’

We are here to make sure we not only meet, but
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We are here to make sure we not only meet, but exceed your expectations.